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RT @aksportscarclub: Come out to the car show at the AT&T arena on Old Seward and O’Malley

I’m at Gci -

So happy Heroes is back on!!!

I’m at Sylvan Dr & Sweetgale Ct, Anchorage, AK 00, United States -

yay coffee at 12:21 am :-) waiting for guy to call to pick him up, he’s out with some buds

RT @closetgeekshow RT @ryanfeeley: Wow, Posterous now supports theming and custom domains!

ah that was a nice nap, a little longer than I would of liked though

i think it’s time to go take a nap with the cats :-)

resetting appletv, start fresh and resync my itunes library.. then off to go on a cleaning frenzy in the house >:-D